NYEA has an exclusive mentorship program through which a dedicated consultant helps students plan and shape up their daily, monthly and yearly academic schedules. Students are carefully monitored for time management and increased efficiency in their daily lives.

Middle school:

Middle Schools students are prepared to attend top-tier high schools in which securing a place in itself is a huge accomplishment. Students activity calendar is set up which includes carefully chosen club activities, project Olympiads, Pre-SAT preparation and other extracurricular activities.

High School:

NYEA has exclusive crafted programs especially crafted for the high school students. Individual programs based on the class standing and year of the student are constructed in order to smoothly construct the perfect college application profile. The more time is spent on the application profile the better it gets. Students are sent to research olympiads, MUN’s, Summer Schools and Pre- College programs. All programs are carefully chosen and recommended to our clients by our experts.

AP Courses etc:

With a great expertise on the academia, NYEA has a vast number of AP tutors. Our experts help you choose courses that are exciting and beneficial for your college applications. Furthermore, students are paired with perfect teachers to help them achieve desired results. Choosing the right courses and getting perfect AP scores to distinguish our students from the remaining pool of applicants each year. Thus, Guaranteeing successful admissions.

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