Career Consulting

Building a successful career is a dream come true for every student. And a path towards a career starts with academic success. NYEA’s expert consultants can not only help you choose a career but also shape it up according to the suitability of your own dreams. Our consultants aspire to be the beacon of light for you. Let them lead you on to the path of Guaranteed Success.


NYEA has certified admission experts whose priority is to get significant scholarships from top 100 universities of the world for our clients according to their financial and intellectual background. These include program specific and dream universities for our students. We are completely responsible for the upbringing, career development and skill development of our students.   NYEA is an ultimate college coach for the student and our Golden scholarship program is an effective way to secure scholarships and admissions acceptances from top-tier schools of the world. NYEA will make sure to present a strong case for the student to the universities to show that she/he fits into their academic environment.

NYEA experts work with the high school students to boost their GPA, SAT scores, Extracurriculars in order for them to outshine other applicants and thus paving the way for them to secure admissions into top-notch schools through a perfectly crafted application profile.

Other Services

Academic Consulting

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We have an exclusive mentorship program



NYEA has partnered with prestigious universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Turkey. We offer exclusive scholarships to our students to attend these universities for undergraduate and graduate programs. The cost of attendance based on our recommendations is reducing up to half tuition. NYEA has a strong reputation for recommending brilliant students to our partner Schools and therefore has secured hundreds of admissions tirelessly and without any testing requirements.