SATScholastic Aptitude Test

Testing for the college admissions is extremely stressful for high school students. With a lot of homework and assignments, students are barely able to keep up with the preparation timeline for the SAT/ACT etc. Therefore they end up not scoring the desired points. With our expert SAT/ACT coaches we have a simplified solution to this. Our SAT crash course is engineered to achieve desired results with minimum effort and time commitment. There are five easy steps through which 95% of our students were able to achieve nearly perfect scores.

  • Diagnostic exam: – Students are made to appear in a diagnostic exam, the exam is a mock exam for the SAT. Students are provided conditions similar to those on the actual SAT. This helps them mentally prepare for the SAT.
  • Evaluation of the Exam: The exams are strictly graded and evaluated to provide an actual score. This helps the coaches understand the standing of each student.
  • Topic Planning: Based on the evaluation of the diagnostic the coaches then sort out the topics based on the mistakes made. A plan is constructed with the student to work on the weak topics.
  • One-o-One Tutoring: In a one-o-one setting the planned topics are practiced through special worksheets and practice materials are provided.

Crash Courses: A crash course is set up and executed to review all the topics on the SAT and a weekly report is obtained from the tutors on the progress of the students.

  • Mock Examination: Finally 6-8 mock exams are conducted for extensive practice. This helps a student understand their mistakes and learn from them. Furthermore, it builds students’ work stamina and fully prepares them for the final SAT.

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