Academic Consulting

was found to assist families of high school students in providing them with the best possible opportunities to grow as students and boost their academic profiles. NYEA experts design programs for the students based on their intellectual needs and help them explore the world around them. Such programs range from academic experiences to Learning new languages etc.

High School Programs: Designed especially for the freshmen, sophomore and the junior year high schools students, the programs inspire students to develop a sense of academia and help them explore their future college options. Programs include science, arts, robotics camps as well as basketball and soccer camps. The programs are offered at national and international levels in several different countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Language Schools: NYEA has partnered with several language schools globally to provide students from all backgrounds to learn different languages at different locations. Our partners have a strong presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey and Germany and offer a variety of languages spoken widely across the Globe. The Languages include English, Spanish, Turkish, German etc. NYEA has the rights to admit students directly to these programs and provide certification upon completion of the programs.

IVY League Tours: Each year NYEA partners with different IVY league Universities to organize campus visits during the summers. The 2-3 week long programs include campus tours and one on one meetings with the admission counselors of prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia etc. These programs are designed for students from all over the world and NYEA engineers specific programs for specific high schools all over the world.


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