“We rise by lifting others.”
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Why choose us

Common and Coalition
College Applications

Our expertise is in all sort of college application framework. Let us help you build a perfect application.

Experiential Learning

Explore with NYEA to gain on-field learning experience. We have feet on the ground ready to help you learn through experiencing real life issue and problems and solve them for good.


Our testing experts are available to boost your scores to match your maximum potential.

Pre College

Let NYEA help you get ready for college before you even enter your college life. We have partnered with IVY league schools to design programs to give you an edge when it comes to community living on college campuses.


Let your inner leader out through our leadership programs specifically designed to address the modern day leadership needs.

Extracurricular Activities
Boost Up!

Let us help you do extracurricular activities that matter the most. From Volunteer works to cultural camps, NYEA has one stop solution to boost your CV with extracurricular framework.

Our Vision

At our core, we are trying to accomplish the goals of

1) using mentorship to build stronger students who are going to be successful in life, and

2) helping them navigate the admissions process according to their goals, whether it’s getting into a very competitive top university or simply finding the best school for them.

By selectively hiring only the most talented, successful college students and rigorously training them in all aspects of admissions, we’ve created a network of expert admissions mentors who have recently succeeded in the process themselves. This concept of near-peer mentorship — students helping students — has been key to helping our clients become more effective individuals, develop unbelievable resumés, gain admission to their dream schools, and manage the college process with minimal stress.

Our Experience

College Applications 95%
Testing Services 97%
Project Olympiads 93%
Pre College Programs 90%
255 cases
255 admissions
5 million
%99 satisfaction