Master & PhD


One of the most hectic as well as time consuming job is to find the right graduate program and get accepted. UK and US universities attract many students from all around the word who want to pursue a Masters (MS or MBA) or PhD degree creating a very competitive environment. This is because these universities are at the top level in the world and have very strict admission criteria. The application procedure differs from country to country and in case of USA and UK, from university to university.

We at New York Empire Academy first provide coaching to find the best university in the USA or UK to fulfill your educational goals and then help you get your admission granted. We guide you throughout the whole processes.

The salient features of our coaching program include:

Finding the right Master Degree or PhD program
Guidance through all the application process
Expert opinion on various issues and their solutions related to applications such as writing mission statement, purpose of study etc.
Consulting services for Visa application, travel and living arrangements.
Do not waste your time and contact NYEA to setup your path in advanced degrees.