To find a good job, experience is inevitable. Employers are known to often prefer the individuals who have experience in the relevant area of the job vacancy they are applying.

As the job market is all about competition, having the relevant experience in your field can be very beneficial for your career. We at New York Empire Academy helps you in providing the relevant internship opportunities related to your field. Whether you are situated in USA or UK, we provide Paid or Unpaid internship opportunities to both the students who are going to college (so that they can work part-time and also gain experience) and those who have completed their college/university and want to gain exposure for better job opportunities. We also offer this program as a major for those people who have a field experience of 3 years.

We offer this program for people of all the disciplines except medical. Some of the salient features of this program are:

Offered for people of all ages till 35 years old
Offers better exposure and learning opportunities
Offers internships related to the field of study
Offers a chance to get the practical exposure of the field which would be very helpful in the development of your career in the years to come.
So, what are you waiting for, if you are living in UK or USA, register today with New York Empire Academy for this course and get the exposure and experience that you always wanted.