New York Empire Academy specializes not just in offering you free consultation services all over the world but also offers practical courses you can benefit from. Our institution is reputed for many programs and courses that it registers and has universal worth. Besides the services and programs we offer for language schools, high school systems, universities and post grads, we also offer some unique certificate programs as per our clients’ requirements. These include the following certs;
Short term certificates
Long term certificates
Custom certificates
Through our certificate programs, we offer some great deals to professional audience. The people who have already finished their bachelor’s degree and want to get certification of a specific course instead of a long term master’s degree have the option to acquire this program. We promise that you can take your education and skills to the next level with our professional certificate programs.
Our short term courses can be as short as 3 to 5 months and long term courses can be as long as 6 to 12 months or even for a custom period if that is what you require. Special courses in a particular field have their own time duration according to which the certificate is offered. For example sometimes people with a matriculation degree need to have a computer and IT course certificate for a particular job or may be a Master’s level graduate needs a short term language course certificate to migrate to another country, etc.
This is where these programs that we offer come in handy. We offer you the best courses that you may need just exactly fitting the type of thing you want to do next or in the future. We are sure to be a part of your development and commitment to advancing your knowledge and skills in a particular field of interest.
These certificate programs are designed for busy professionals that make up these professional certificates feature an appropriate, augmented format. After qualifying any of these courses, the program offered to you is sure to train you with the best practices and actionable knowledge that is necessarily needed to make a powerful impact on your and your organization’s innovation efforts.
Sometimes corporate professionals need custom certification to accomplish certain tasks. Our experienced team can efficiently guide you after having an in depth knowledge of your demands to help define needs and then coordinate with the faculty to design a targeted, needs-based learning experience. Custom certificate programs are offered to you by implementing on our set strategic goals.
Our courses are followed by qualified faculty lectures from several relevant departments as well as lab tours and other local activities designed around a company’s strategic goals and the targets that you want to achieve.
People in groups from the same company or from the same location with five or more registrations in the same course receive a special discounted offer for all courses in the Certificate Programs. Having different certificates depict a variety of knowledge, information and academic qualifications.