Advance Program

It always pays to learn something extra, other than course work whether you are in high school or university. As, what you will learn will always help you at some point in your career. For catering to the needs of students seeking special courses and programs, New York Empire Academy bring to you the Advantage programs.

These are a set of very special and unique programs which are specially designed for students who are willing to invest their time in their future by learning something valuable. These programs include the extremely popular courses such as the ones from Ivy League, robotics, the famous Harvard Leadership program, NASA space programs, and various others. We also offer custom programs which are dependent upon the choice and number of students.

Some of the salient features of these programs are:

Offered for mostly late middle school, high school and university students
A set of unique programs specially designed for enhancing the abilities of students
Provide excellent learning opportunity for students from the best courses by the world leading universities
So, don’t wait up for this amazing opportunity to learn and gain exposure from these unique courses only at New York Empire Academy.